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Simply Parfait

Originally designed to show the apple, orange and kiwi fruits for a Parfait, this logo has since been submitted to an online store for resale. It has sold multiple times under a royalty free license and I've customized the name with each purchase.
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Single Girls Guide

Design idea for Nancy Michaels, CEO/Founder of Suddenly Single Now. This image was not used in favor of a hanging heart pendant. The blog site is geared to women who find themselves suddenly single and the many issues that surround that independence. [select the image for a larger view]

Mate Culture

Mate Culture is a design for a natural tea made with yerba mate leaves. A social drink popular throughout South America and often shared from a hollow gourd. The artwork illustrates the heritage with the colors of the Amazon.
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A second design for the Australian company producing Renew Minerals. This logo required that the brand name show that the product was for both men and women.
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Step Direct

A logo design for a company StepDirect. The name derives from the idea that online orders are a four step process: Search – Select – Confirm - Payment. The client was very specific as to the details of the image and the representation of the frog and lily pad.
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